galvanized 101 short tee key clamp pipe fittings

Products: 101 short tee  pipe clamp

Material: Cast ironSize: 26.9mm, 33.7mm,42.3mm,48mm,60mm

Product components: a short, hexagonal inner wire

Color: Galvanized silver,natural,black,brass and more customized colors

Weight: 0.19 KG

Link method: hexagon screw

We have all the components and different sizes available to construct tubular structures.The size of tube range from 26mm OD to 60mm OD.Components are very good for constructing safety handrail ,machine guardrails,shopping trolley stations,guard rails for pools and waterways,exclusion zones around railway track side equipment and easy access rails for older persons to enter their homes.The Key Clamps can be used for all types of safety rail applications.The Key Clamps are available in 5 size ranges and there are over forty different componentsfrom Key Clamp elbows,Key Clamp base plates to Key Clamp tube joiners.The Key Clamps come in galvanized finish along with the Key Clamp handrail tube.The Key Clamps and handrail tube can rapidly assembled to make all types of structures which are mainly health and safety applications such as safety rails around water and machines.The key Clamp systems can be found on the track side of railway lines,canals,rivers and motorways as safety handrails to protect the public from various hazards.Key Clamps are increasingly being used in schools,colleges,doctors surgeries and hospitals in many forms such as stairway handrails and wheelchair ramps.